Hello, Highway

Well, my 3rd single from my ‘Back to the Crossroads’ music project has been released — on all streaming platforms (as the terminology goes). I like to simply say ‘in the stream.’ Like a floating leaf or a newborn trout. Or a message in a bottle, hoping to reach someone up the shore. ‘Hello, Highway’… Read More »


When it comes to southern roots music, the Dickinson brothers are keeping it alive and fluid in a way that is reaching a new generation. Their late dad, James Luther Dickinson, was the authentic goods: a Memphis icon as both a musician and record producer. He was also a musicologist and that’s why Ry Cooder… Read More »


Maybe it’s the last item on the bucket list (I’m no spring chicken), a kind of rock-n-roll recrudescence. Or maybe it’s because my 15th movie (I’m no spring chicken), “The Highwaymen”, happened to be shooting in the same southern region as my very first movie “Crossroads,” a film that grew out of my scuffed-up, battered,… Read More »

On The Road with America’s Last Traveling Organ Surgeon

These days I find myself not taking the rare treasures in life for granted. I drink only handcrafted small-batch gin; I’ve been gradually removing all paperbacks from my study and replacing with out-of-print rare books (like my well-oiled leather-bound Edgar Allen Poe first editions). Additionally, I now cancel my day’s business when I know that… Read More »