On The Road with America’s Last Traveling Organ Surgeon

These days I find myself not taking the rare treasures in life for granted. I drink only handcrafted small-batch gin; I’ve been gradually removing all paperbacks from my study and replacing with out-of-print rare books (like my well-oiled leather-bound Edgar Allen Poe first editions). Additionally, I now cancel my day’s business when I know that… Read More »

MIDNIGHT RIDER: Remembering Gregg Allman

To say that Gregg Allman was an influence on me in younger days would be stating the obvious to those friends and family who know me well. Not just a musical influence, but a writing influence, a traveling influence, a ‘storytelling’ influence. My father, at one point, said a ‘bad influence,’ but that’s another story…… Read More »

Donald Trump and the Art of Paper Chiefs

They say the past is prologue. Yesterday, as I watched President Trump sign an executive order to nullify years of our nation’s climate-change work and Clean Power Plan, I thought back to the Lakota holy man who called me Grandson. Chief Frank Fools Crow, born at the time of the Wounded Knee Massacre, once taught… Read More »