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"Fast, funny and undeniably addictive, Dog Beach is manna for movie buffs and crime fiction fans alike. Don Winslow meets Entourage in this thrilling and immensely satisfying read!" - Owen Laukkanen, author of The Professionals

"Both Louie and the novel are wise and gently humorous, tougher than they seem, and casual about their mastery of craft. What follows is a fine romp, with sex, drugs, murder, and car chases, but savvy readers will notice the underlying seriousness. And the insider stunt lore is priceless." - Booklist

"This is a poisonously funny Hollywood noir nightmare, smart and savage. I loved it."  - Warren Ellis, author of Gun machine

"A fabulous tale that is equal parts Elmore Leonard, Guy Ritchie, and John Woo. The ridiculously talented and prolific John Fusco has created an indelible character in Hong Kong stuntman, Louie Mo. I couldn’t put Dog Beach down." - Matthew Polly, author of American Shaolin

"I was always a big fan of Elmore Leonard, and now I’m a big fan of John Fusco. Dog Beach is a gem: A Hollywood novel by a guy who knows Hollywood. In this wonderful world of stuntmen and screenwriters, rising stars and failing producers, everyone is a step away from a blockbuster - if they can just stay alive to the final reel. Fast and funny and filled with surprises." - Chris Bohjalian

"Fusco (Paradise Salvage) channels Elmore Leonard and Quentin Tarantino in this vivid, action-packed tale of Asian gangsters and Hollywood moviemaking. Sharp dialogue complements the pitch-black comedy."-Publisher's Weekly

As schools here in Malaysia remain closed for a second day due to 'the haze' -- a rather soft euphemism for toxic pollution coming from burning rain forest -- the new issue of TIME Magazine quotes NASA as proclaiming this current event as among the worst in history. United Nations have declared this thing "an ecological disaster for the world."

In my last post I pointed out that the fires are occurring in Sumatra, an island in Western Indonesia. This rain forest, the third largest in the world, is being set afire to clear land. All of the blame is falling squarely at the doorstep of palm oil companies and their apparent friends in government.

Purple Haze

  • September 24, 2015

Here in Malaysia the skies have been heavy with smoke-haze and even the most smoghardened veterans of L.A. on our crew are finding it daunting. The haze, what the locals here call Jerabu, is a direct result of C0-2 rich peatland burning out of control on the island of Sumatra (western Indonesia and Borneo).

As we wake up each day and check the haze index -- anything over 200 is unhealthy -- no one seems to really look beyond the haze to question just what's going on over there in Sumatra. I didn't at first either. I was somewhat satisfied, even if annoyed, with the report of fires burning somewhere over in Indonesia. But as the Platters once sang, "Smoke gets in your eyes" day after day and you start to think "this is too damn unnatural."

This September 23rd marks the 800th birthday of Kublai Khan, greatest of the Mongol rulers (after his grandfather Genghis), brilliant statesman, founder of China's Yuan Dynasty, and, as historian John Man puts it bluntly 'the greatest CEO in world history.'

It's been a privilege to bring this larger than life historical titan to the global attention he deserves (with thanks to the genius performance of Benedict Wong), presently out there in more than 50 countries, moving into Italy, Portugal, Spain, Japan, South Korea, and streaming farther and wider every day . The Great Khan himself once said it was the Mandate of Heaven that he should conquer the entire world; if the aspirations of Netflix come to fruition, he shall finally reach that goal by 2017.

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