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"A fabulous tale that is equal parts Elmore Leonard, Guy Ritchie, and John Woo. The ridiculously talented and prolific John Fusco has created an indelible character in Hong Kong stuntman, Louie Mo. I couldn’t put Dog Beach down." - Matthew Polly, author of American Shaolin

Traveling on the Eurostar from London to Paris, heading from one press junket to another, I finally had a moment to sit back and digest a remarkable fact: For the first time in my life I was going to see Paris.

Being a writer and not having been to Paris has always been something of a shameful secret for me. Especially given my love for Hemingway and his Paris years - that beyond-cool period in the 20ʻs when ex-pats and writers hung out in the Montparnasse Quarter, the band apart that Gertrude Stein called the "Lost Generation."

Not to mention the deeper history, art, jazz, Josephine Baker, and the cabaret bars of Pigalle; I relate to Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris fantasy in a very big way. One of the few movies I've gone back to see twice in its first run.

No matter how many horses might come into your life over the years, there will only be just one that is truly your horse, that one partner and companion you shared the better part of your life with, rode the most miles on, trusted your very life with, got to a place where you were so connected, you no longer had to give rein commands to - you thought about turning right and downshifting to a lope, and he just did it.

Chato Red Cloud, who went on last week at the amazing age of 36 - 100.5 in human years -was that one horse to me, and he always will be.

Chato came into my life in 1987 on the set of "Young Guns" in New Mexico. We had coaxed the legendary Jack Palance out of retirement to play western villain L.G. Murphy , a casting coup that I was very much excited about as a young gun myself, still in my 20ʼs.

Scouting Kazakhstan

  • March 21, 2014

We are officially 10 days away from starting production on ʻMarco Poloʼ, and I find it fitting that Iʼm flying from Kazakstan -- the Silk Road city of Almaty-- to Venice tonight. We start rolling in Venice on the 31st, shooting for 4 days where it all began and then returning to Kazakstan for the entire month of April.

Excited that we have added the magnificent steppe, desert, and Kazakh horses to our Venice and Malaysia locations. Here are some location pics from the past few days, courtesy our director Joachim Roening and writer-producer Patrick Macmanus: