SEVEN GENERATIONS: An open letter to Scott Pruitt, EPA

Dear Mr. Pruitt, Yesterday, on CNBC, you stated that you do not agree with the world consensus that human activity is a primary contributor to global warming. This came as no surprise given that in your first speech as head of our Environmental Protection Agency, you chose not to even mention the subject. Instead, you… Read More »

2017, YEAR OF THE ROOSTER: Keep it Simple

2016 can suck it! I keep hearing this along with posted images of the grim reaper. When we ring 2016 out, make sure to put a bullet in its head. Without a doubt its been a rabid, laughing hyena of a year. Maybe not the worst year in history. Maybe not as bad as 72,000… Read More »

The Music of Marco Polo

This was a fine week for the hardworking Marco Polo team, our loyal ‘Golden Horde’ as we learned that the series was ranked #2 in digital TV, only behind ‘Orange is the New Black.” Also came in at #3 in all TV shows–a quantum jump of 48 spots from the week prior — only behind… Read More »